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Q: how to create web site for a tournament or leagueHow do I create a tournament website?
Register and create a tournament. Add teams and click 'schedule' button to generate game list and web template. Click 'weblink' and edit your website. Publish it

Q: how to create elimination or round robin tournament for 54 teams?I need to create 54 team tournament? How can I do it?
Bulk load 54 teams. Split the teams into 6 pools (8 team each) and create preliminary round robins and elimination playoffs for the winners of the early rounds.
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Custom Tournament Design Examples:
Elimination Tennis tournament: Style 1 | Style 2
Standard Tournament Examples:
round robin Baseball tournament 5 teams on 2 fields
single elimination Tennis tournament ranked and seeded
multi-stage Softball tournament round robin + dbl elimination
double elimination Tennis seeded pairs
round robin Basketball league 7 teams/2 games per day
Soccer Tournament 13 teams/3 game guarantee
Golf Tournament 9 players (pairs with player rotation)

League/Tournament Software Role Diagram
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tournamen scheduler
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Export Teams or Players
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Video How To:
Quick Round Robin Video Demo
Quick Elimination Tournament Demo
Playoff Demonstration
Seeded Double Elimination Demo

Softball tournament in progress:
4 game guarantee series with 2 games in round robin and 2 games in double elimination. Preliminary Stage: Teams divided into 2 pools (PoolA and PoolB) 4 teams each. Each team plays 2 games (Not necessarily play all teams in their pools). Next stage all teams advance to double elimination Finals to play for the Championship.

Click to view Softball Tournament
 Create Game Schedules

Create game schedules for one or more courts/fields/locations...Click for more details
tournament scheduler /game scheduler/ game calendar
 Tournament tools

-Define tournament seeds
-Randomly shuffle players
-Calculate Player/Team rankings
player seeds/team seedings/ rankings/ player rankings/ team rankings
 Create Custom Brackets

Create standard or custom brackets. Select FlexNodes bracket style and change bracket shape as shown in the picture below. Create your own shapes. Click for more details
tournament brackets               custom tournament bracket sheets
 Import Schedules Dates/Times/Scores from Excel

 Import team lists or player lists from Excel. Update details for hundreds of players or teams and game schedules in a few clicks. Click for more details

import players from excel               import teams from excel

 Check league/tournament schedules on your mobile phone. Sync with Google and Outlook

  Quickly check league results or schedules via your mobile phone browser. Sync calendars with Google calendar or Outlook Click for more details

view game calendars on iphone               synchronise league schedules with google calendar


 Questions and Answers

I am having a euchre tournament of five tables and one of six. I am looking for a schedule to fit this amount of people. I can only find for a four table.
You can create euchre or similar social pairs/doubles tournaments up to 25 players (up to 6 tables or fields or courts). You can also use it for other card games or any other game or sport. It is frequently used in doubles tournaments where player rotation between teams is essential.
For my tournament league I want to let players sign up and pay for participation. Tournament starts after everyone has paid. Can I do it?
Yes you can. Here is a link to a tournament website that is set up to collect member dues :   Tournament with membership fee .   In order to set it up you need to have subscription plan w/ Checkout. Click for additional help how to set up fee collection.
I have 11 teams and need to create 3 game guarantee tournament. What format should I use?
You have two options: 1) Create double elimination or single elimination with consolation tournament. You are guaranteed to have 2 games for each team. Now you can manually add games for 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th place. This way you add one more game per team for at least 3 games. 2) Split 11 teams into 3 pools - 4 , 4 and 3 teams. Create preliminary round robin rounds for 4 , 4 and 3 teams. Then advance all teams to seeded single elimination tournament. Seeding is done based on the results of the preliminary stage. This way each team also plays at least 3 games.   
I need to create a 1-day tournament for 6 teams with 1st round being a blind draw then a modified elmination bracket. Is there a way I can manually create a bracket that fits the tournament I am hosting?
You can do almost any tournament configuration manually. However for manual/custom setups there will be no graphics - just game list that you create. However you still have all the features. You get tournament website, game alerts and rankings if you need it. The easiest way to do custom/manual tournament - go to 'Leagues' and create single round robin (even if you need elimination tournament). Go to 'Schedule' and delete games that you do not need. Go to 'Reorder Games' and change game order and/or delete rounds that you do not need. We can assist you if you send us your requirements. Contact support via email   

I want to see if I can get help to set-up a bracket for 7 or 8 teams round robin in coed adult softball tournament all done in 1day, games are 1hr each games . I have 2 fields and i want to guarantee 3 to 4 games each. Please I need help, Is this possible...
It's possible and you can do it in a few different ways. If you would like to have a single round robin when all teams play 3 games each your steps should be : 1) create single round robin and add 7 or 8 teams 2) Go to 'Schedule' page. Originally, teams will be scheduled to play 6 or 7 games each. Your should delete unwanted games so that each team plays 3 games. Then you need to schedule game date/time on the 'Calendar' page or as an alternative in each game 'Notes' field. There are also other ways to schedule round robin according to your requirements, and you have question please contact support.   
I am having a 1 day charity soccer tournament. There are 13 teams and I need to guarantee 3 games. The games are scheduled for 1 hour and I have 3 fields to work with.....can it be done
It can be done in a number of ways. Here is one of them
a) First stage is preliminary pool where each of 13 teams plays 2 games. It's tricky but our scheduler allows to do it.
b) Second stage all teams advance to single elimination tournament. 1 game is guaranteed at this stage. Combined for 2 stages you've got 3 game guarantee and now you need to schedule it on 3 fields.
  Tournament Example Webpage with schedule
How can I build single elimination tournament with consolation bracket?
The easiest way is to create 2 single elimination tournaments. First tournament has winner's bracket and second has consolation bracket. All games are generated by the software. Both tournaments are linked via tournament's webpages. Another possibility is to create one single elimination tournament. Software generates games for the winner's bracket only. For the consolation bracket you can add games manually. You can find 'add game' button at the bottom of the schedule page.   

We are planning a tournament with 7 teams which should be played in a single round robin. We can only play two games per day in 11 consecutive days. Any suggestions?
Tournament software will help you generate game schedule for 7 teams playing 2 games per day.  Step by step Video Demo
Can your software generate a web site for a sports team?
Yes, it can. Once you create a team - a web template is generated automatically. Go to 'Teams' list and click 'website' link next to your team name. Edit template as needed and click 'publish' to make it publicly available. In a similar way you can create websites for tournaments and leagues.
I need to create a round robin for 4 teams with a maximum of 2 games each? Is there a way?
Yes, there is. Create 4 Team single round robin and go to 'Schedule' page. Software generates balanced round robin schedule with 3 games for each team. You can adjust it and manually delete unwanted games. In each round click delete button next to each game that you do not need and it will be removed from the schedule.
How can I create 8 team volleyball round robin on 3 courts?
Using tournament software create single round robin league. Add 8 teams. Go to league edit screen and change 'Games@Round' field to 3. Click schedule link, and your schedule is ready. In each round you will have 3 games, so you can play 1 round on 3 courts.   Video Demo   Another alternative is to use 'Custom Game Order' screen. Go to 'Leagues' page and find and click 'GameOrder' link next to your league. Add 10 rounds. Drag and drop games from the left to the right in any order. Click 'Save' . 9 rounds will have 3 games each and last round will have 1 game. Then go to 'Schedule' page and edit game details and dates.  Video Demo  

How do I advance losers in a double elimination tournament?
Software automatically advances winners and losers of elimination tournaments. Once you post a game score software analyzes who is the winner and who is the loser and advances them to the appropriate bracket. Please ignore empty nodes. Empty nodes are needed so that you know what part of the bracket a node inherits from. When you use blank or editable brackets you have to figure out yourself how to advance teams or players and place them in the appropriate node. 11 team double elimination screenshot
I have 10 teams playing each other twice in a tournament. Each team plays a maximum of 1 game per week. There are however only 4 games per week. Is there a way to generate game schedule?
Create double round robin League. Add 10 teams. Change 'Games per Round' league setting from default to 4. Click 'schedule' to generate game schedule. Each round will have 4 games. Each team will play a maximum 1 game per round. Teams will play each other twice in the tournament.  Video Demo
How to organize a tournament for 16 people?
Let's assume you are organizing a single elimination tournament. You already have 16 participants. Your next step is to create a game schedule. Find 16 team single eliminaion bracket on our website (we offer both editable and simple printable - both are FREE ). Using this bracket you can create game schedule for your tournament.  Another way is to register on our website and use tournament software. Software generates schedule for you and helps you keep track of the scores and game dates. Allows you to seed and shuffle players. You can also use email alerts to keep in touch with your participants.  Video Demo
How can I set up a 3 game guarantee tournament for 16 teams?
You can do it using our tournament software. Split 16 teams into 4 round robin leagues with four teams in each. After all round robins are complete, advance 4 winners into a single elimination tournament. The overall tournament winner will be the team winning the elimination tournament. Every team will play a minimum of 3 games. Note: You can create 3 game guarantee if your tournament has 3 teams or more.  
I need 7 team seeded 2 game guarantee bracket. Can you help me?
Looks like you are looking for a double elimination seeded bracket. If you do not need scheduling you can use free printable brackets (with seeds). If you need game scheduling your best option is to use our tournament application. The application allows you to create 7 team double elimination with seeds. Note: You can create 2 game guarantee if your tournament has 3 teams or more. Video Demo

I want to create a bracket for a bowl tournament with 2 pools of 7 teams, there are 6 rounds.
Tournament software will do it automatically for you. Login into the application. Go to Quick Tab and select Single Round Robin league. Add the names of your 7 teams . Then click 'save' and the application will automatically generate a schedule for your 7 teams. You will see that each team will play in 6 rounds and one round for each team will be a Bye. Repeat the exact same steps for your second pool of 7 teams.

Can I create a round robin league when every team plays every other team 4 times?
Yes, you can. You can create a double round robin league when every team plays against every other team 2 times. Your next step is to create another double round league as described above. When both Leagues are completed every team would have played with each other 4 times.
Can I setup a pool play tourney with multiple pools at multiple locations. We have 60 teams.
If you have multiple pools - create a tourney for each pool. You have a lot of flexibility with locations. You can create one location to play all your games or you can assign each game to a different location.
I am running 9 team round robin tournament. What's the easiest way to make game schedule for it?   
Login into the application. Click 'Quick' Tab. Create Single Elimination Round Robin for 9 teams. On the next screen enter your team names and click 'Generate Schedule' Button. Your game schedule is ready. Find schedule link and click it. On the schedule screen you may enter game dates and time. You can also add game locations.

I need to make a round robin scheduling for 10 teams playing 4 games per week. Can you suggest a solution?   
Tournament software will automatically create such a schedule for you. Login into the application and click 'Leagues'. Create new League and add 10 teams. Go to 'league edit' screen and change 'Game @ round' field to 4. Now click schedule link and your round robin schedule will be generated. Your league will have 4 games per round. Designate one round per week. On 'Schedule' screen assign dates for each game.


Can I set up a round robin of four games for 80 teams where the top 64 teams are placed into a single elimination tournament?
Yes, you can do it. Split 80 teams into sixteen 5 team leagues. Each team will play 4 games in a round robin. When all round robin leagues are finished, advance 4 best teams from each league into 64 team single elimination tournament. How to do it? Login and go to 'League' tab. Create a single Round Robin League and add 5 teams. Create another 15 leagues the same way. After all your leagues have been completed, go to 'Tournaments' tab and create a single elimination tournament. Add 64 teams - 4 best teams from each league. Professional subscription is required for this task. Note: For additional fee we have a service that helps you handle data entry and score tracking. If you are interested, please send email request to support to get a custom quote.

How can I save the changes that I made using your editable template?
Login into the Tournament application. Find 'templates' tab and from there you'll be able to create/update/delete templates.  Video Demo
How do I advance a team in a double elimination tournament?
Software advances winners and losers automatically. Game winners are advanced to winners brackets and losers to losers bracket. All you have to do is record game score. Software looks at the game score, determines the winner and the loser and advances them to the appropriate bracket. In case of a single elimination only the winner gets automatically advanced to the next round.  11 team double elimination screenshot
I'd like to randomly shuffle players in my tournament but Shuffle button is disabled. 
Shuffle button is enabled only when your tournament has Registration status. You must also be a Professional Plan subscriber in order to be able to shuffle your tournament participants. 
Video Demo


When I republish Game Calendar to Google new data is recorded over my old updates in Google calendar. How can I avoid that?
Data sync to Google calendar does not merge data, it overwrites over existing data. There is a workaround. Do not make changes to the data that you already synced. Instead create another Calendar in Google and merge all synced data into it. This way your updates will be safe. If you experience any difficulties please contact support and we will help you set it up.

I tried to upload players and teams from Excel but it fails. How can I upload it.
Excel file upload may fail in some cases. If the file is empty. If it's not an Excel file. If it's not in the format as described in Help. There are some other not very likely cases as well. Make sure you upload a file as described in Help pages and it will work. Please contact support if you are still having issues.

Can I import my contacts from Facebook or Yahoo mail into League Navigator?
Your first step is to export your contacts from Facebook or yahoo mail to an excel file. Login into the application, go to 'Utils' tab and import players from Excel file.

I tried registering for an account out your tournament making website. My filter deleted your email immediately. I've adjusted the filter settings but now I can't get your registration email.
We send email registration email only once. If you did not get it for some reason or accidentally removed it please contact support and let us know what email address you have used for registration. We'll reset your registration and you'll be able to register again. You may also try and register with a different email address.

Can I generate 28 Team double elimination for FREE? 
Yes, you can. We have free double elimination brackets for up to 64 teams
Can I generate Euchre tournament? 
Euchre tournaments currently available for up to 18 people. Early 2011 we should have euchre pairings of up to 25 people.
How to create and seed a double elimination tournament?
Register and login into the application. Click 'Tournament' Tab and Create Double Elimination Tournament. Add teams or players. Assign seeds. Each player must be assigned a seeding. Then you can do a random shuffle. For example, leave out first 4 seeds and shuffle the rest. Shuffle as many times as you want. You can choose any number of players to shuffle. You can shuffle all of them or none, it's up to you. Your tournament must have 'Registration' status in order to shuffle. Random shuffle works the same way for both single and double elimination tournaments. Video Demo

How do you enlarge the brackets for re-printing? I clicked on the "Zoom" function. The bracket enlarged vertically, but not horizontally. Also happened this way when I printed it on landscape.  
Horizontal zoom has been implemented and is now available for elimination brackets.
How to send email Game Alerts? I created tournament and associated match notification alert with it. Also assigned game dates using scheduler. However I do not receive any alert emails.
Game alert works but check the following conditions: You must have professional subscription plan. Alert record must be active. Email recipients must have valid email addresses.


Can I change tournament participants?
You can if your tournament has 'Registration status'. Click 'Edit' tournament, then 'Add' link and you'll be able to add/remove participants.


I started to use tournament tool but can not figure out how to randomly shuffle players in a tournament.
Player random shuffle function is disabled when you create a tournament using 'Quick' create. In order to shuffle players you need to create tournaments manually as described in help files. (Go to 'Tournaments' tab and create tournament from there) You can shuffle when tournament has 'Registration' status.
I have just registered by can not login
When you register we send you email confirmation with a link. Click the link to validate your registration. Now you can login. Sometimes spam filters will block emails or move them to Spam or Junk folders. So in case you did not receive registration email try to register one more time with a different email address. Video Demo
How can I collect tournament fees with League Navigator software? 
You can collect fees using Google checkout. We can help you set it up. Contact support.  

I can not remember my password.
You can reset your password. Go to the home page and click reset password link. Video Demo

I did not get registration email
It may be due to a typo in email address. If you do not get it try to register one more time. Another reason is that your email ISP may have a spam filter that blocks the delivery. Check your junk or spam folders. If you still do not get the message we suggest that you try to register with another email or contact support for help.
I need to create 2 game guarantee league. What are my options? 
When you create a single round robin league with 3 or more teams - you are guaranteed to have at least 2 games for each team. If you create a double elimination tournament with 4 teams or more, each team will play 2 or more games.

How can I schedule referees for each game? How many referees can I assign?
When you create a referee record you essentially create a team of referees. You can add or remove people to/from referee team. Typically each game is served by a different referee team. How to assign referee to a game? Go to your tournament and select 'Schedule' link. Find your game and you will see a drop down list of available referees (that you have created earlier)

I tried to shuffle the list of games in my round robin but drag and drop does not seem to work?
You must be using an old browser. With some really old browser versions drag and drop may not work. Upgrade to any recent browser and you should have no problems. Video Demo How to shuffle round robin game list using drag and drop  
I have a tournament with multiple divisions. I do not see how can I create within my tournament a division with multiple teams in it?
You can use Tournament name field or Tournament season field to save Division. For example, if your tournament name 'Tennis Juniors' and you have 4 divisions 'South', 'East', 'West' and 'North' and the season is 'Summer' you can do one the following. 1) Create a tournament and name it ' Tennis Juniors South' and season 'Summer'. Do the same for other divisions: 'Tennis Juniors East', 'Tennis Juniors West', Tennis Juniors North'. 2) Another way is to add division name to 'Season' field. Name your tournament 'Tennis Juniors' and season 'Summer South'. For other divisions name seasons: 'Summer West', 'Summer East, 'Summer North'.   
I need a Round Robin with 12 teams, every round has 4 byes. How can I do it?
Using our tournament software you can easily do it. Create a single round robin league. Add 12 teams. Standard 12 team round robin has 6 games per round. With 4 byes it goes down to 4 games per round. Go to League Edit page and change 'Games per Round' field to 4. Save league. Click Schedule link to generate your schedule.   

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